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COUPLES Pottery Wheel Try-Me Session

$50.00 (Deposit)

Always wanted to try out THROWING CLAY on a POTTERY WHEEL but didn’t want to commit to multiple classes to try it? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Cost is $150.00 per couple or $85.00 for singles. A deposit of $50.00 due at time of sign up. Minimum age requirement is 10 years.

Name of First Guest * 

Name of Second Guest * 

Wheels are booked as a couples session, please note both names of attendees here.

Session includes approx. 1-1.5 lb of clay and all of the tools and full semi private instruction that is required to complete your project. (Usually a couple of bowls.)
Also included are 2 kiln firings  - 1st to fire clay to bisque and 2nd after you return to glaze your piece following the bisque firing.
Creations are available 2-3 weeks after wheel session and 1st firing so you can return to glaze your piece(s) to be ready for the final kiln firing. After glazing pieces will be ready in 7-10 days for pick up.
Everything noted above is included in price.
All Deposits are non refundable, credit can be issued if cancelled or changed 24 hours prior to booking, if less than 24 hours notice is given or your group does not show up, the deposit is non refundable.